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Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions
- "AllGifts" and "AllGifts.ie" are registered brand names of Allgo Global Rewards Limited t/a Allgo
- "The AllGifts service is the general gift and voucher service operated by Allgo Global Rewards Limited (referred to as the "AllGifts Service" or "The Service")
- "Gift Partner" is the gift retailer, who is a member of the Service (referred to as the "GP")
- "Voucher Gift" is any product, service or gift card listed on the AllGifts service, for which an AllGifts voucher can be purchased
- "Non-Voucher Gifts" are products listed in the "Product Gifts" section of the AllGifts service, which are dispatched directly (ie not with a voucher) to the Recipient
- "Recipient"is the beneficiary of gifts or vouchers bought on the AllGifts Service
- "Gift Giver"is the person who purchases and send gifts or vouchers to a Recipient using AllGifts
- "Customer" is any user of the AllGifts Service including, but not restricted to, Gift Givers and Recipients

2. Acceptance
By using AllGifts to purchase a Gift, send a Voucher, register for a Gift Account, or order a Gift from a GP, or otherwise make use of the Service and its features, the Customer is deemed to have confirmed that they have read and that they fully accept these Terms and Conditions.

3. Allgo's Role
Allgo acts as a service provider and sales agent on behalf of GPs who are members of the Service. Allgo does not take possession of Gifts from GPs, nor does it come between the normal retailer-customer statutory relationship. As regards goods and services received, a customer/voucher holder’s statutory rights against the relevant GP are not affected.

In using this service, a customer/voucher holder agrees that the AllGifts.ie website is the exclusive processor and means of acceptance of vouchers. Vouchers are not accepted by any person other than the AllGifts.ie website operated by Allgo. Vouchers are not payment instruments and cannot be redeemed or used outside the AllGifts.ie website.

4. Gift Partners
New GPs must apply for membership and be accepted by Allgo, and each GP signs terms and conditions that contractually guarantee the GP service performance as described in this document.

5. Withdrawal/Refusal of Service
Allgo reserves the right to immediately decline the Service to a Customer at any time at its sole discretion, and Allgo reserves the right to settle any outstanding Customer transactions or orders as it sees fit.

6. The AllGifts Service - Introduction
The AllGifts Service allows customers to browse and select GP gifts listed on the AllGifts website and to send a Voucher for that gift to a Recipient. Recipients of an AllGifts Voucher can then use the Voucher to order the chosen gift from the GP, or order a different gift, on the AllGifts website.

7. Choosing Gifts and Sending a Voucher
Gift Givers select a gift or gift voucher listed on the AllGifts Service. Gift Givers purchase a Voucher for their chosen gift on the AllGifts website. The gift giver can elect to send this Voucher to a Recipient by email, SMS text, printout (where the Gift Giver prints out the Voucher and delivers it themselves to the Recipient), or Voucher Gift Box (where Allgo will print a copy of the voucher and post it to a nominated delivery address in Ireland).

The Voucher contains the details of the gift product or service, including an image, description, and price, and has a unique alpha-numeric code to allow its value to be validated and redeemed on the AllGifts website. The Recipient redeems the Voucher and orders the gift from the relevant GP by logging onto the AllGifts website and entering the Voucher code.

8. Voucher Validity
Vouchers are valid for 5 years from date of purchase and cannot be used to purchase goods or services directly from the GP. Vouchers are only valid for use within the validity period and are only redeemable on the AllGifts website. The Recipient uses a valid Voucher code on the AllGifts website to order a gift(s) of their choosing from the GP gifts listed on the Service.

9. Personal Gift Accounts
The Recipient can choose to store the value of the Voucher in a personal Gift Account on the AllGifts website for use at a later date. The Recipient can use multiple Vouchers to increase the balance of his/her Gift Account, which can then be used to purchase a single GP gifts or gift voucher that is listed on the website.

10. Gift Orders
Once the Recipient orders a GP gift or gift voucher, an email notification is sent to the relevant GP. The GP then arranges for fulfilment of the ordered gift or gifts voucher directly with the Recipient whose details are included with the order.

11. Gift Details, Availability and Price
While GPs make every reasonable effort to keep gift details updated on the website, gifts listed on the site are not offered for sale until a gift order is accepted by the GP. While it is always in the GPs interest to keep Customer satisfied, the GP's overriding obligation on the service is to offer Customers credit to the value of any Voucher or Gift ordered in the service against products or services priced no higher than the GPs normal retail price.

12. Invitation to Transact
As Gift details and prices may change between the time a Voucher is purchased and the time the Recipient orders the Gift, the GP has the right to reject any Gift order received through the AllGifts Service. Gift orders are deemed to be invitations to trade, not a contract to sell. The GP may suggest an alternative gift or a gift voucher to the Recipient to the value of the gift order made. The Recipient has the right to reject an offered alternative from the GP and to cancel the order completely, in which case AllGifts will cancel the transaction on behalf of the Recipient, and allow the Recipient to use the Voucher credit to order a gift from a different GP on the AllGifts Service. Allgo will cancel a rejected gift order transaction and credit the Recipient account on instructions communicated by email or phone call to Allgo by the Recipient.

13. Fulfilment
On receipt of a Gift order notification, the GP agrees to contact the Recipient within 5 working days to either accept or reject the order or offer an alternative, and to arrange for delivery / collection of the ordered gift(s). The GP is solely responsible for the success fulfilment of all gifts ordered on the Service. Customers cannot collect items on the same day as ordered, but must wait at least 1 working day, and cannot collect gifts from GPs without prior arrangement, and without producing valid photo ID.

14. GP Contact
Each GP nominates a Customer contact person for all Service queries relating to that GP. The GP Customer contact details are listed on the AllGifts website. In relation to any Service queries pertaining to a particular GP, in particular to gift orders, fulfilment, collection, delivery queries, Customers are advised to contact the nominated GP contact in the first instance.

15. Delivery Charges
On ordering a gift, the Recipient can elect to collect the gift from the GP's location, or can order GP gift vouchers to be posted out. Both of these options will incur no delivery charges from the GP. In the event that a Recipient orders a gift for delivery which does incur a delivery charge, it is the GP's responsibility to recoup the delivery costs from the Recipient. On informing the Recipient of the delivery charges, the Recipient can elect to make payment for delivery directly to the GP, or to use the balance of his AllGifts Voucher account to pay for the delivery (by placing an order for GP vouchers to the value of the delivery costs).
If the delivery charges are too high and are rejected by the Recipient, the Recipient can contact AllGifts to cancel the order completely, in which case AllGifts will cancel the transaction on behalf of the Recipient, and allow the Recipient to choose a gift from any GP on the AllGifts Service.

16. Non-Voucher Gifts
A section of the AllGifts website is dedicated to non-Voucher Gifts (Product
Gifts). Gifts listed in this section are for immediate physical delivery (i.e. not via the voucher system). Allgo will act as an agent to place orders with the GPs who supply these gifts via the AllGifts website. Fulfilment is from the GP directly to the Recipient. Delivery prices, delivery lead times, and terms and conditions specific to orders placed for Product Gifts will be published at the time of purchase, where those terms & conditions differ from the general AllGifts terms & conditions detailed here.

17. Damaged Items
The GP is obliged to replace any gift item damaged, lost or misplaced in transit to the Customer in accordance with the GPs own specific Damaged Goods policy. Customers are advised to clarify the policy with the GP prior to placing a gift on the list. GPs award full warranty and product guarantees to the Customers according to their statutory rights.

18. Returns & Exchange
The return or exchange of gifts for whatever reason is subject to the individual Returns & Exchange policy of the GP in question. Recipients should liaise directly with the GP to arrange for return or exchange of a gift.

19. Refunds
Allgo will not issue refunds to Customers in respect of gifts returned. Gift refunds or gift exchanges are to be dealt with directly between the Customer and the GP.

20. No Warranty
Allgo provides no warranty for quality, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose of gifts purchased through the Service. While every effort is made to ensure Service information provided to Customers is correct, Allgo provides no warranty for gift item descriptions, images, prices, availability, delivery details or the accuracy of any other information provided by GPs, either through our website or directly to the Customer. It is not warranted that the Service will be error free or uninterrupted.

21. Liability
Allgo accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses, costs, or expenses of whatsoever nature, consequential or otherwise, which arise from use of the Service, and/or from use of any products or services purchased or received through the Service. This limitation of liability also applies in the event of a GP who, for whatever reason, ceases to trade while performing the Service.

22. Online Gift & Reward Account
A Customer can set up an online Gift & Reward Account on the Service, allowing them to store the value of Vouchers. Gift Account also give Customers access features unavailable elsewhere on the Service.

23. Gift Reminders
The Service allows Customers to input dates related to gift-giving occasions in order to receive reminders by email. While Allgo takes every effort to sure smooth operation of this feature, Allgo does not warrant that this feature will operate in an error free or uninterrupted manner.

24. Fraud Prevention
Allgo seeks to maintain the highest standards in seeking to prevent fraud on our service. There are security measures built into the Service, website and technology employed to deter criminal fraud on the Service. Some of the measures employed will affect the operation of the service for all Customers.
Customers agree to assist in the prevention of fraud on the Service by undertaking the following non-exhaustive measures in use of the service:

a. Not to disclose usernames or passwords to third parties
b. Not to leave their PC unattended while using the service
c. To immediately notify Allgo of any suspicious or unauthorised use of a Customers password or account
d. To validate their identity by producing photo ID when collecting gifts from a GP
e. To act on any security notifications issued by Allgo or its agents
f. To immediately report to Allgo any suspicious activity or any other breach of security that comes to his/her attention in relation to the Service

25. Data Protection
Allgo confirms to the provisions of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 concerning the storage and use of Customers personal information. Allgo publishes its full Privacy Policy at https://www.allgifts.ie/DataPrivacyStatement-cms.html

26. GP Published Information
The GP is solely responsible for the accuracy, legality and copyright of all information in its profile on the website and agrees to keep all information in its profile up-to-date, including contact details, descriptions, prices, gift availability, and photo images. The GP indemnifies Allgo against any inaccuracies, illegalities or breach of copyright of images and information posted on the website in the GP's profile.

27. Intellectual Property
All processes, procedures, technology, website content, designs, copyright, trademarks, marketing material, images and brand names relating to the Service shall at all times remain the intellectual property of Allgo.

28. Changes to Terms & Conditions
Allgo reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions without notice. The up-to-date Terms and Conditions are to be found on our website www.Allgo.ie

29. Pricing
GPs are obliged not to charge Customers on the Service prices that are greater than their normal retail prices.

30. Fees & Charges
Gift Givers pay a transaction charge of EUR2.49 per purchase.

31. Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Ireland.

32. Customer Service
Even though for legal reasons Allgo needs to spell out our Terms and Conditions in clear legal language, it is in our interest to ensure that every Customer who uses the Service is completely happy with the experience. Therefore, we will naturally endeavour to help any Customer who encounters any query or issue whatsoever in using the Service. Allgo can be contacted at anytime on the phone numbers and email addresses published in the Contact Us section on www.AllGifts.ie
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